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January 31st, 2009



With today’s proliferation of the media technology, our students are more than well-equipped with the necessary skills to google information they are curious to learn about and find answers on their own. Our programme aims to harness the information that is already out there by shaping it around the school’s values of growing in Integrity and Love, and to ensure that students respect human relationships they forge, honouring the human person with whom they engage in any level of interaction and thereby making informed choices when they forge relationships. It is this fundamental goal that drives our Sexuality Education Programme. At the heart of Sexuality Education in Catholic Junior College is our aim of imparting to our students, the value of abstinence until marriage and the importance of sound decision-making especially in relationships.

Our Programme:,

Breaking Down Barriers (BDB) Programme

The Breaking Down Barriers (BDB) is a programme developed by Health Promotion Board, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education for all JC/CI1 students. The programme focusses on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)/HIV education and aims to refresh students’ awareness of the modes of transmission of the different STIs/HIV, as well as the modes of protection. At this level of maturity, students also explore the various impact of STIs/HIV on self and family such as financial, physical and psychological aspects. Abstinence as the best option for teens remains a key message.

At all JCs/CI, the BDB programme is designed to examine the following:



  1. Parents who wish to opt their children out of the Breaking Down Barriers Programme need to complete an opt-out form. This form will be distributed to parents prior to the start of the programme and is also downloadable from the school’s website (download here).
  2. Parents can attend the Breaking Down Barries Programme with their children if they wish to. Parents should contact the school to make the necessary arrangements.
  3. For more information, please contact the school at 62524083 if you would like to discuss or seek clarifications about our school’s sexuality education programme.

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