College Examination

Advancement Criteria

  • Advancement to JC2 will be based on the student’s academic performance in the Qualifying Examinations.
    • The Mid-year Examinations will contribute to 20% of the total final mark of each subject.
    • The End-of-year Examinations will contribute to 80% of the total final mark of each subject.
  • Students are required to obtain a minimum 1 pass and 3 subpasses to be advanced to JC2.
    • The pass must be in a H2 level subject.
    • One subpass must be obtained for General Paper.
    • H1 Mother Tongue Language is not relevant when calculating a promotion requirement.
      All H1 Mother Tongue Language students are expected to pass their Mother Tongue Language at the National H1 Examination in November of the JC1 year.

Grading System

The table below shows the marks and the corresponding grades for H1 and H2 subjects

Marks Grade
70 - 100 A
60 - 69 B
55 - 59 C
50 - 54 D
45 - 49 E
40 - 44 S
0 - 39 U
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