Our Identity

College Crest

The crest bears the symbol of the Spirit of God, a dove, whom Christ speaks of as the spirit of Truth and Love.
The star symbolises Faith.
The tongues of fire represent the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

College Motto


The College motto is “In Veritate et Caritate”.
The English version is “In Truth and Love”.

It means that our concern for man inspires our search for truth.

College Flag

The college flag consists of the colours of our Singapore Catholic schools: blue and white, green and white, yellow and white. Yellow and white are also the Papal colours.
Y (Gamma) is the Greek letter for C (Christ) and is also the form of the Cross.

College Anthem


We are heirs of a glorious kingdom
Of treasures past ages have bestowed
Of the truth wisdom love and peace
We rejoice to proclaim and uphold
Live in Truth live in Faith and Love
Let our light spread and brighten the night
Let our flame warm all hearts and unite

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