Mission, Vision & Core Values


Building a Generation: In Truth & Love

We cultivate in each young person the skills and attitude to embrace challenges wisely and courageously. We foster a community that cares for the dignity of the young people, nurturing them to be men and women of compassion. We broaden their vision so that they become leaders committed to serve in faith and with integrity.

  • Imparting the knowledge necessary for young people to face the future confidently.
  • Respecting and affirming the value of human life.
  • Forming the conscience of our students in accordance with the principles of a Christian school in the Catholic tradition.
  • Enlarging their perspective so that they contribute meaningfully and responsibly to society with conviction.


CJC - a place of excellence in learning and living.
  • Excellence - striving for high standards in educating young people.
  • Learning - enabling students to realize their potential academically, physically and spiritually.
  • Living - forming a person who is well-integrated into society.


Integrity & Service
~ in Veritate et Caritate ~

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