National Youth Achievement Programme

The aim of the NYAA Programme is to be a non-competitive programme that encourages and motivates young people between the ages of 14 and 25 to develop personal qualities of self-reliance, perseverance and sense of responsibility to themselves, society and the nation. The NYAA Programme is completely voluntary. Participants choose activities that they are interested in and complete them on their own free time. There are three levels of the Award - Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level requires a greater degree of commitment and determination.

Regardless of which level of the Award a young person is participating in, they are required complete projects in the following areas:

Service, Adventurous Journey, Skills and Physical Recreation

Level of Award Minimum Age Minimum Time Period Minimum Requirement
Service Adventurous Journey Skills Physical Recreation
Gold # 16 years and above 18 months 60 hours over 12 months 4 days 3 nights, (32 hrs of activity) 18 months 40 hours over 12 weeks
Silver 15 years and above 12 months 30 hours over 6 months 3 days 2 nights, (21 hrs of activity) 12 months 30 hours over 10 weeks
Bronze 14 years and above 6 months 15 hours over 3 months 2 days 1 night, (12 hrs of activity) 6 months 20 hours over 8 weeks

# Gold Award participants are required to complete an additional project - the Residential Project, a project that will serve or has a beneficial impact on a community.

When participants enroll in the NYAA Programme, they are given a Record Book and an Award Diary. As participants complete each section of the programme, their supervisors or instructors or assessors endorse that they have completed that section in the Record Book. As they go through the programme, participants record their thoughts and reflections in the Award Diary. When a participant has completed all projects for an Award, he or she submits the Record Book and Award Diary to the NYAA Council for endorsement. Participants are free to include photographs, copies of certificates, etc. in the report. Also, participants can choose to complete the activities with their own Home Tutorial class or CCA group(s).

To enroll in the NYAA Programme, please pay and register with the college NYAA Coordinator (Mr. Tan
Hoe Teck) through your CCA teacher-in-charge or Home Tutor. The registration fees are Bronze Level:
$7, Silver Level: $12, Gold Level: $17. Payment can be in cash or cheque to the coordinator.
Cheques should be made payable to “National Youth Achievement Award”.

The application form can be found in Curriculum Online @CJC Course code CCA/NYAA Application forms or http://www.nyaa.org/startup.htm

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