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The college places importance on imparting values and equipping students with knowledge and skills that will prepare them to make important decisions about personal and current dilemmas surrounding young adults today. It is here that the Ethics, Religion and Personal Social Skills programmes are rendered highly relevant.

The Ethics programme helps students (non-Catholic) to understand and appreciate universal values and principles stemming from issues, conflicts and dilemmas existing in our world today that challenge basic human values of respect, tolerance and compassion. Lessons are packaged in units that allow students to engage in discussions of selected topics that enable them to increase their awareness of these topics as well as put into practice values and principles that will govern their decision-making process when they encounter personal and global controversies in their adult world.

Religion lessons aim to lead the adolescent into a deeper encounter with the person of Christ. It runs parallel to the Ethics programme by exploring issues on human relationships and ethical dilemmas in our world today from a religious perspective. Apart from that, it attempts to nourish students with a more mature understanding of the Church, its liturgy and deepen their conviction for prayer and a greater sensitivity to the Catholic faith and the other great religions of our world today.

Education is for life. It is paramount to equip all students with cognitive knowledge and learning skills. Both personal and social skills are incorporated into the programme so that students are better able to cope with challenges of the future in order to be successful. The content domains of PSS cover a comprehensive range of topics: personal and interpersonal effectiveness, effective learning, transition to work and care for the community.

The Home Tutorial group is a very important and unique feature of Catholic Junior College. Students who would feel lost in the anonymity of a large college need to identify with a distinct group which will give them a sense of belonging and support. This tutorial group will give students the security of being accepted by others. The tutorial group that the students are allocated to therefore enables them to feel a sense of class spirit in a conducive environment of caring and encouraging one another, sharing their talents and resources as well as working together in a spirit of cooperation. Together with their Home Tutor, whose role is to guide, advise and counsel the students under his/her care, the students work towards building a strong class as well as college spirit.

The Civics Syllabus of CJC is based on the theme, ‘Challenge of Leadership’. It aims to harness and develop the leadership potential of our students. The key goals of the Civics syllabus in CJC are to equip students with the requisite knowledge and skills as future leaders to make sound decisions for the nation and to develop in our students the willingness to take on the responsibility to contribute to shaping the future of our nation.
In addition, students will learn to apply their knowledge and understanding of Singapore’s constraints and vulnerabilities in the national, regional and international contexts. These will be carried out by incorporating national education messages into the various academic disciplines and through other relevant programmes.

With today’s proliferation of the media technology, our students are more than well-equipped with the necessary skills to google information they are curious to learn about and find answers on their own. Our programme aims to harness the information that is already out there by shaping it around the school’s values of growing in Integrity and Love, and to ensure that students respect human relationships they forge, honouring the human person with whom they engage in any level of interaction and thereby making informed choices when they forge relationships. It is this fundamental goal that drives our Sexuality Education Programme. At the heart of Sexuality Education in Catholic Junior College is our aim of imparting to our students, the value of abstinence until marriage and the importance of sound decision-making especially in relationships. Click here for more information.

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