The Catholic Junior College Hostel

Mission of the Hostel:

To provide a safe, comfortable and caring environment of excellence in which young Scholars and students can learn to live and grow together in a spirit of harmony and goodwill. CJC Hostel

Hostel Chapel:

Catholic; we are sensitive to the needs of young people of all faiths and will encourage them in their faith development and as is appropriate. However, we also have a special responsibility for Catholics. The hostel has its own Chaplain, Friar Michael D’Cruz, ofm, who provides Mass each Sunday evening for hostelites who wish to attend. Students are encouraged to be involved in their local church, Catholic or otherwise. Hostelites organize their own evening prayers. Our chapel is a place of prayer open to all hostelites. CJC Hostel

Dining Hall:

The hostelites are served their freshly prepared meals in a large airy dining hall. On a normal school day, breakfast and dinner are provided. Lunch will also be served during weekends, public holidays and school vacation (for those who are staying on to fulfil their school commitments).
The caterers are carefully selected and constantly monitored to ensure that wholesome, varied and nutritious meals are provided to suit the taste of the different nationalities.
Our dining hall is also equipped with hot and cold water dispensers and refrigerators for the hostelites to store their personal beverages and snacks. Microwave ovens are available for warming and preparation of light snacks if required.
CJC Hostel

Hostel Rooms:

Our hostel offers 75 twin-sharing rooms. Rooms are comfortably furnished with each hostelite having his own single bed, study table and chair, wall-hung bookshelves, 2-door wardrobe, and concealed wall cupboards. The rooms are brightly lit and airy with ceiling fan.
The rooms are divided into 2 wings separating the boys from the girls. Each floor, comprising of about 10 - 12 rooms, shares a communal washroom with warm water shower facility.
CJC Hostel

IT Room:

The air-conditioned IT room is equipped with 10 computers with broadband connection. The hostelites have unlimited access to do their schoolwork, research or just to communicate with family and friends over the internet. Scanners and printers are also provided. CJC Hostel

Study Rooms:

There are 3 study rooms where hostelites can do their homework/studies in air-conditioned comfort. MOE sponsored as well as in-house tutoring by our resident teacher/mentor are also held there.

Sports, Games and Recreational Facilities

A wide range of sport and game facilities of CJC is available to hostelites in the evenings, weekends and public holidays.
We have a jogging/running track for them to train and build up their stamina for their school’s athletic meets or just to keep fit! The ever popular basketball courts are never unoccupied in the evenings or on weekends. Volleyball and ’street’ soccer are also played there.
Tennis courts with practice wall and table tennis are also available and well patronised. A Fitness Centre will be added shortly.
Yearly hostel games are organised to integrate the hostelites especially the new comers with the seniors at the early part of the year. Mini concerts to showcase the different cultures between the different nationalities are also held.
There are 2 pianos for those who are offering music in their curriculum to practise on or just play in the evening to entertain themselves.
There are TVs in an air-conditioned lounge as well as the open lounge where board games like chess, carom and scrabble can also be played.
CJC Hostel

CJC Hostel


The front of the hostel have been beautified with pergolas, creepers and greenery to provide a conducive garden with tables and benches where hostelites can enjoy some fresh air and camaraderie amongst themselves especially in the evening after dinner. This is especially beneficial for networking since our residents constitute a mini United Nations with scholars from China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. CJC Hostel

Laundry Services:

We provide a commercial laundry service with 3 collections and deliveries per week. Each floor of both the boys’ and girls’ wing is provided with an automatic coin operated laundry machine at $1 per wash. Iron and ironing board are also provided free-of-charge.


The Hostel employs the service of a security guard every evening from 7.30 pm to 7.30 am the next morning and all day on weekends and public holidays. This is to ensure proper security and safety at all times.
A member of the staff is on duty / call 24 hours a day.
CJC Hostel

Public Transportation:

CJC Hostel is easily accessible to all parts of Singapore by public transport which is reputed to be efficient, safe and comfortable. The bus-stop is in front of the hostel. SJI is one stop to the south; CHIJ one stop to the north and CJC is adjacent to the hostel.

Student Welfare:

The hostel staff acts in the place of all parents when their son/daughter is resident in our hostel. Due care and diligence must be exercised at all times to ensure their safety and welfare. However, our practices also attempt to establish an atmosphere that is
conducive to study and to enable our young people to achieve the highest standards in their examinations.
Hence all residents are required to observe the curfew times and the study times (SUNDAY - FRIDAY). It enables each person to develop self-discipline and aids him/her to prepare for more independence at the tertiary level.

Leave during term: Hostelites are permitted to stay overnight (Saturday) with parents if they visit during the term. A letter of request is required, in advance, to give
hostelites adequate notice to apply for leave. Staying out overnight with friends is usually not permitted.

Home Leave: Scholars are not encouraged to go home during term time. All hostelites may go home during the school holidays with the respective school’s approval.

Medical Care: Our staff take special care of hostelites who are ill. Excellent public medical care is easily accessible at any time. All scholars have proper medical cover and private students are required to take up suitable medical insurance.

The staff is always on hand to counsel and provide due care should the circumstance arise.

CJC Hostel

Contact the CJC Hostel:

Address: 127 Whitley Road, Singapore 297821
Telephone: 62569148
Facsimile: 62561314
Website: www.cjc
Hostel Director: Bro. Paul Rogers
Hostel Deputy Director: Ms Yoki Chow

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